Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Packing for an Event

Tips and Tricks of the Trade-Packing

Max has some great tips and tricks for packing for an event. Click here to read the full article on the USEA website!

“Do you ever get to an Event and you are trudging through your day and you look over and there is someone stabled or trailered near you that looks like their trunk or tack room has thrown up? Or the opposite – you are jealous how organized, tidy and calm your neighbor is? Competing is scary and confusing enough without all the details of the equipment needed. Here are some tips to help keep the chaos to a minimum:

Make a list – write down EVERYTHING you need for the day/weekend

If you are stabling at an event – make sure you pack your buckets, stall guard, etc. last as it will be the first thing you will need. Also – what are the stalls like? Do you need bailing twine? Screw eyes? Double end snaps? Are there stall doors? I prefer to set up my horses stall before getting them off the trailer if they are being quiet in the trailer.  We have all had a horse get loose while trying to put up a stall guard . . .

If you are hauling in for the day – where are you going? Is there water available? (or nearby?) Food and drink for you? A big plastic trashcan with a good fitting lid can save your day; very little actually spills out! Best to put it into your trailer/ truck and THEN fill it up. Gas and diesel containers work great too, but make sure you write on the container so only water goes in it.”

View the full article on the USEA website to learn more of Max’s tips and tricks!

The complete original article was originally published by the USEA.


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